How Effective are your Sanitisers?

Why is 99.999% so important. Supermarket products state 99.9% on the labels. That’s good enough right?

Well here’s the math!

For the sake of demonstration lets assume a surface has 10 million bacteria. This sounds like a lot doesn’t it but believe it or not this amount could easily sit on the end of a pin head! Then take into account that bacteria can double every 20 minutes in the right conditions.

So lets take your supermarket product which kills 99.9% – this leaves 0.1% or 10,000 bugs. In 20 minutes this can become 20,000. In another 20 minutes 40,000. Then 20 minutes later 80,000 etc.

Now lets take a product which kills 99.99% – this leaves 0.01% or 1,000 bugs. In 20 minutes this can become 2,000. In another 20 minutes 4,000. Then 20 minutes later 8,000 etc.

Finally lets take the products we sell which kill 99.999% – this leaves 0.001% or 100 bugs. In 20 minutes this can become 200. In another 20 minutes 400, Then 20 minutes later 800 etc.

As you can see. 99.999% makes a world of difference.

As well as the “kill rate” it is also important to consider contact time and dilution.

Contact time is the time in which the product will need to sit on a surface to achieve the desired result. The lower the time the quicker the product will kill to the rate (percentage) specified.

Some products are “ready to use” and these tend to offer ease of use. Others are concentrated. If a product is concentrated it will need to be diluted to the correct rate. Concentrated products tend to offer greater cost savings but there is some degree of risk that if incorrectly diluted it will either not work effectively (too weak mix) or potentially damage surfaces (too strong mix).

We only stock chemicals by Clover Chemicals Ltd. All their products come with dilution rates (if concentrated) and contact times printed on the bottle. We also supply product info sheets detailing how and where to use the product and safety data sheets (COSHH) for all chemical products.

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